Water meter calibration & repairs.

  • All meters, both residential and commercial, tested in accordance with the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) standards for water meter accuracy requirements.

-onsite testing

  • We at Virtu Water Meter Services believe that, when applicable, testing a meter on-site gives our customer the truest and most accurate assessment of their meter's accuracy.  This is due, in part, to the fact that a meters accuracy can be affected by a number of different variables, including but not limited to: the piping or plumbing set-up, the length of straight piping downstream and upstream of the meter, and of course water quality.  Which is why, when possible, onsite meter calibrations are the preferred method of meter testing, for it allows us to calibrate our customer's water meters in a way that closely mimics their daily water meter usage.  
  • Confined-Space Entry Water Meter Services Available.
  • Emergency Service/Repair Calls. 

-offsite testing

  • In our newly designed meter testing facility we are capable of testing all types and styles of water meters, ranging from 5/8" to 6" in size.  
  • Our in-house water meter calibration tanks, inspected and certified by the New Jersey Department of Weights and Measures, allow us to ensure our customers that their meters are tested to the truest of standards.
  • Individual testing rates and bulk testing rates available.

backflow preventer sales, service, and repairs.

  • All brands, sizes, and types serviced.  Including:​         

    -Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies                                     -Double Check Valve Assemblies

​​​    -Reduced Pressure Zone Detector Assemblies                      -Double Check Valve Detector Assemblies     

    -Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies

  • Backflow Prevention devices tested in accordance with the New England Water Work's testing procedures.

Other services.

  • ​Past services of Virtu Water Meter Services include:     

      -Shut-off Valve installation, service, and repairs.                 -Installation of water meter test connections.

      -Sub-metering installations, service, and repairs.                -Water Meter reading services and itemizations available.

      -Meter strainer installations, service, and repairs.               -Water Meter remotes reading installations and service.

      -Atmospheric/Emergency cut-in Valve service.                    -Check-valve installations, service, and repairs.

      -Underground Vault maintenance & repairs.                        -Consultation services available.

      -Bypass piping/valve installation.